Friday, August 29, 2014


So, first on the list of things I Never thought I would do, like EVER, Gardening.

God the Holy Spirit revealed this love for our environment to me around 2 years ago. Realistically I hated all that plant biology of my past. And realistically who has time for all those dang weeds? But it's about More than that.

God the Creator has left His mark IN EVERY LIVING THING.

I originally got on the gardening kick because of finances. How on earth was I going to afford to eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables if I didn't grow the darn things myself?!!! I must admit, I dragged my feet. But eventually, I came around because my family's health is worth it.

I started weeding the backyard. As I stood there drenched in sweat, my hands aching, and my back already tightening up, here my daughters were frolicking and giggling in the spring breeze. My younger daughter had this ritual of just bathing herself in the dirt. Her face was aglow and her hair was shimmering in the morning sunlight. I walked into the house with a big ole goofy grin with my heart resounding over their innocence and their energy. My body was hurting, but my Soul was Alive. Then came the experimentation with our seeds and we Prayed for Something to pop out of that way too expensive potting soil. Oh the excitement of our first little tomato and zucchini sprouts. I kid you not, the joy in my heart over something so small was just so Real and so Addicting.

God the Creator has left His mark IN EVERY LIVING THING.

I used to believe plants were So different from humans, why should I study them and their life cycle? Boring! This coming from the wannabe doctor who was so obsessed with the beauty of human anatomy and the healing power of the body. But no really, the process itself is So amazing to watch and participate in. Reaping. Sowing. Waiting. Harvesting. Gratitude.

Because God the Holy Spirit gave me new eyes to enjoy the blessing of our garden, I was able to experience God the Father/Creator. In nature is where we find and participate in a relationship with God the Creator. Through our own life cycle and families we find and participate in a relationship with God the Creator. I thought that plants were so different, and maybe less important to God, but NO, He looked at His creation and said it was Good. Good means Holy. Good means Godly. It's not just reserved for us Humans. We are not the only life that is a reflection of Him.

People have asked me how I became such a "green thumb" and I tell them it's because I talk to my plants. I encourage them and tell them what I hope they will grow for me. I could be wrong but I think it matters. My plants survive with water and sunlight (needs). But my plants really Thrive when I give them my time and visit them daily and encourage them. Weird, yes I know. But it's so great for MY soul, for MY life as well. They are a blessing to me.

He is waiting.  He is calling out to Us. He is there waiting for Us in nature. 5 minutes a day is all it takes sometimes. To just breathe Him in. Just to enjoy Him. To smile at Him. To marvel at Him. Some call her "mother nature". That's fine too. But we are called. ALL of us. (hint: Universal Truth)

Every Blade Of Grass Has An Angel
That Bends Over It And Whispers...
"Grow, Grow"
The Talmud

The DISCLAIMER our world Needs

So for anyone who continues to read this blog I have some important news for You. Please keep an open mind and an open heart. I am going to attempt through this blog to share my faith and my conversion because that is what the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do. If what I share here is Too controversial and Too conservative and Too religious for you, please do not leave comments lecturing me about my faith and my beliefs. If you would like to start a conversation, please feel free to email ME, yes Just Me, at any point and I will be happy to read your arguments against what I say. This is MY blog and MY version of the story of life. Feel free to start your own blog if you feel so compelled to share Yours.

That being said, there is truth here in this world. I have been listening to God Himself revealing to me on a personal basis some of these truths that I somehow missed in my pre-children "life education". He is trying to speak to You too. Maybe you are already good at hearing Him and living the life that He is calling you to. Maybe not. The Holy Spirit has been calling me to work on this blog for about 1-2 years now, but I have been such a chicken and didn't want to share on such a public forum my innermost thoughts. But it's never too late to do God's Will. He doesn't worry about time the way we do.

This blog is meant to help inspire good listening. The kind of listening that God needs Us to practice so that we can be His hands and feet here on earth. In this blog, I will Not tell you how to live. Yes, I do share some hard truths about what I think God has revealed to Me about what He wants for MY life. Yes, I do believe some of those truths about God's will are universal. God the Creator had something very specific in mind for the best life and our human potential. But I am in No Way telling you that you need to change your own life. Your life is not my responsibility. God will tell you and inspire your thinking with or without my help.

However, I am called to help win people for His kingdom. God did not bless me with the ability to debate or persuade or even write clearly. He has helped me to be a good listener. I'm still working on the following directions part. I'm hoping that through my blog and the many God-inspired things I do in my life, I will model how to be a good listener and follower of God's Will. That's it.

Now, if You read something and feel concerned or feel uncomfortable, I would love to hear what You have to say. I am fallible. I will make mistakes. I'm not afraid to make mistakes and I'm not afraid to backtrack, analyze, and apologize. I'm not afraid to move forward and let go of my mistakes. In fact, all the mistakes of my past have helped bring me to where I am in my spirituality. I hope I am maturing and progressing. Part of maturity means that I should be able to accept my strengths AND my weaknesses.  But out of respect and Your maturity, please do not call me out and try to hurt me on my own blog. I will do my best, but as we know well, all men/women fall short of the greatness of God.

Peace be to You. May this blog bring you peace. And joy. And love.

Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus for all the time you have given to me while my heart has been aching and my head has been a little CrAzY. The Holy Spirit has been talking so fast and inspiring so much, but now I think I know where to go from here.

You're welcome. Thank you for coming here first with your thoughts and feelings. I'm sorry that I am not in my Human form to bring you the comfort that you are looking for.

That's okay my friend. Jesus I trust in you. Thank you.