Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Blog?

So my little family and I were supposed to go to the park today and spend time with other Catholic families from the area. I am so Disappointed. Joey is teething. Bella seems feverish. Annie is sneezing and congested and a big PIA.

Don't my kids know I am an introvert and plan my outings according to my need for people/alone time?! *deep breath* Now I'm stuck in the house with them with this "extra" energy that I saved for being at a park with 3 kids and other families with kids. This is so typical, it's annoying.

Don't they realize that mommy needs to see other adults because after awhile I'm about to BURST with all these adult thoughts and ideas? I laugh at myself because an adult will ask me a simple question, a truly Simple question, and I just talk and talk and talk and talk because I have been WAITING to share my thoughts and ideas about life. lol. Some of you may read this and say Teresa, you've always been this way. Well I'm telling you, it's worse now! I have to do all this baby talk, and simple language All Day Long. I'm a thinker. I've got some ideas to tinker with and share!

Which brings me to the point of this Blog. I'm Catholic. I have kids that I will homeschool for a couple of years who will be home with me Most of the time. I am an introvert, who has little people attached to me Most of the time. I workout and try to maintain a healthy food regime (I am not on a "Diet"). And I'm searching to find Peace and Happiness in a world that tries to sell it in every shape and form, but actually is the opposite Most of the time. I'm trying to keep my life simple, and I'm realizing that life just Isn't simple. Especially when I am going against the grain. When I am actively Trying to listen to God and He tells me to be different. Not just a shade different. Like actually, stand out uncomfortably different.

It's okay God. I'll jump. If there is anyone to jump for, it's You God.

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